The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference

The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference

8-12 Dec 2019, Singapore

Program / Symposia List


1.Polymer synthesis and characterization
      a. Controlled polymerization and green synthesis
      b. Supramolecular polymers
      c. Advanced characterization
2.Polymer physics: structure, properties, and processing
      a. Polyelectrolytes, gels, network
      b. Theory and computational modelling 
3.Polymer surfaces and interfaces
      a. Polymer brushes and engineered surfaces
      b. Adhesives and functional coatings (antifouling, self-cleaning, self-sensing)
4.Functional and self-assembled materials
      a. Smart, shape-memory, responsive polymers
      b. Adaptive and self-healable materials
5.Composite and Hybrid materials
6.Polymers in 3D/4D printing and additive manufacturing
      a. New materials, new technology, soft robotics
      b. Manufacturing, photonics and bio-fabrication
7.Polymers for biomedicine and personal care
      a. Bioinspired, biomimetic and bio-conjugates
      b. Bioimaging / Biodiagnostics
      c. Regenerative medicine / drug delivery
      d. Personal care
8.Polymers and the environment
      a. Membranes, ion exchange systems, porous materials
      b. Eco-friendly polymers (naturally-derived; renewable resources; CO2-derived; biomass utilization; environmental degradation)
      c. Recycling and recyclability of plastics
9.Polymers for optoelectronics, smart electronics and energy
      a. Conjugated polymers and organic semiconductors
      b. Wearable electronics / smart textiles
      c. Energy conversion and storage
      d. Advanced packaging
SS1: Polymeric membranes: Innovations and applications
Special Symposium in honour of Professor Neal Chung's outstanding contributions to the polymer membrane science community
Proudly Sponsored by: SG MEM
SS2: Women in Polymer Science (By Invitation Only)

SS3: Cyber Physiochemical Interfaces: Flexible Electronics (By Invitation Only)


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